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Below are some of our Client Reviews

By: Jignesh patel, Kitchener

I recently had the pleasure of working with an exceptional realtor Sadha Ponnappa Chindulira. From the moment I reached out for assistance, he went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and successful home buying process. His expertise, professionalism, and dedication truly set them apart from the rest. I am delighted to share my positive experience and highly recommend his services. His extensive knowledge of the local real estate market was evident from our initial conversation. He demonstrated a deep understanding of the area, including neighborhood dynamics, property values, and market trends. His expertise enabled to guide me towards properties that aligned perfectly with my preferences and budget. His insightful advice and guidance were invaluable in making informed decisions.

By: Ankur Bhatia, Vaughan

We had a great experience working with Mudit for our first home purchase. As a newcomer, we relied completely on Mudit’s knowledge of the GTA market and we weren’t disappointed, learnt a lot. Strongly recommended for anyone who’s looking out for buying a home.

By: Parth Pandya, Richmond Hill

We bought our home through elixir real estate with Mudit Ji as the agent. It was a delight working with him. As this is a very stressful market in trying to buy home, he proved to be an anchor in helping guide the stormy waters. He always gave the right suggestions, whether it was on the condition of the house or what should be the correct price for a certain property. How experience proved to be a massive asset for us as we were able to buy the right house at the right price. You cannot go wrong with choosing elixir real estate agents.

By: Suprava Mishra, Whitby

We were new to Canada(only 3+ years), living far away from GTA, but still managed to buy a house in GTA. Sounds impossible? Yes, it did to me as well. It takes a Mudit Mehta to make it possible. Besides, our criteria to buy a house was so tough that a real estate broker would run away after hearing. But Mudit isn’t a real estate guy, he is a wonderful human being before anything else. And that’s what makes him a perfect person to entrust with the responsibility of finding your dream home. I can write another 1000 words describing the whole experience here but let me just say that “You can never go wrong with Mudit”. So, close your eyes and make that first and most important decision to get Mudit on your side. Trust me, everything will be easy after that. Happy house hunting !!

By: Somya Sharma, Richmond Hill

We had a great experience working with Mudit sir to get our new home. He was very thorough and patient throughout the entire process. We were able to get experienced and informed guidance in all the steps of buying a new home (it would have seemed a daunting task otherwise :) ) - we were never rushed to make decision on a listing and all queries were answered promptly. They were able to help us at odd hours and with our criteria changes effortlessly. I highly recommend Elixir Real Estate to anyone who is looking for a new home with peace of mind and educated/researched advise.

By: Vijitha Bhat, Hamilton

Mudit is excellent and I cannot not recommend him and his team enough! I bought 2 homes with him and both times it was a pleasant experience. He always listen patiently and understand our needs, explaining what we should know and sharing sincere opinion. I will definitely be going with Mudit for all my real estate needs and would recommend him to everyone looking to buy home. With him you will never be disappointed.

By: Raghuvar Vadrevu, Thorold

It was a good experience working with Mudit and (Sadha from his team). As first time buyers, we were given enough data by Mudit and Sadha, to make informed decision on homebuying. It took a few attempts for us and them to align on our situation, but on the whole, they were both very patient with us throughout the journey and worked hard to bring to us several house options despite our parameters and constraints. They also thoroughly reviewed the property listings that we looked up and provided us honest feedback - good or not. They never pushed us into buying any property. Mudit also helped us for mortgage by connecting us with one of his contacts who alsonprpvided us excellent service. Only one suggestion - the negotiation and closing process could have been handled a little more smoothly and efficiently, but its understandable when we have a difficult seller party. Overall everything went well! Thanks Mudit and Sadha for your services, wishing you and your team more success ahead.

By: Vikrant Vishnoi, Whitby

I recently had the pleasure of working with Anupam to purchase my dream home and I couldn't have been happier with the experience. He treated me like family from the very beginning of the search process & continues to do so as we near closing. He was incredibly responsive to my needs and always had my best interests in mind. His knowledge of the local market was impressive and he provided excellent guidance every step of the way. Whenever I had questions or concerns, he was always available to help and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the process. I would highly recommend Anupam to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is not only an excellent realtor, but an outstanding person who cares deeply about his clients. If you're looking for someone who will treat you like family and help you find your dream home, look no further.

By: Kshitij Sinha, Brampton

Worked with Sadhana for a rental and she was extremely professional and and to get the best possible tenants. She was always kind, compassionate, understanding and diligent. Look forward to working with her and/or Mudit again in the future

By: Yogesh Gupta

One of the best things happened with us after we came to Canada is - we met Mudit. He is an amazing person - as a realtor, as an advisor, as a friend and as a human being. As a first time homebuyer, it's not an easy job to find a home that suits your choice, budget and location. Mudit and his team has great knowledge and expertise, which makes your home search easier. Their genuine blend of experience and professionalism is what we liked the most. Mudit and Sumit are amazing in their work, which definitely helped us in our purchase in Kitchener. Thanks a lot Mudit and Sumit. We love our home and the location (Laurentian West). Looking forward to working more with you both in future. Thanks Elixir Team.

By: Preeti Sathyan

Our first home buying experience in Canada was positive and fulfilling, thanks to Mudit. He has immense real estate knowledge and his professionalism and patience is unparalleled. We were educated about the whole process, types of properties, geography, market value & ROI, freehold vs condo etc. Mudit spent time and effort to understand our specific needs from both financial and cultural perspective and was able to curate the listings meeting our expectations. We were able to find our home in Canada within two weeks of working with Mudit and were thrilled to be home-owners. He also has a network of house inspectors, trusted lawyers and mortgage agents who bring an overall positive experience to customers. Mudit is one of those realtors who does not push you into investing anything out there, but ensures the client is happy and getting value for money invested. There are many immigrants who get misled in the GTA's real estate journey due to lack of expertise or pressure to close the deal, but our experience with Mudit was quite different and every decision we made through out the process was well-informed and guided. Thank you Mudit for your passion, transparency and integrity and will be recommending Elixir Real estate as successful and trustworthy venture. - Preethi and Ateet

By: Anusree Gopal, Brampton

We have had Mudit Mehta and his team help us with our real estate purchases for nearly 7 years now and it’s pure pleasure to have them to help us be it selling or buying our house through these years. Can’t thank him enough for the patience with which he shows us a prospective house or the due diligence he does to uncover or understand about every property before we arrive there itself. Never has he hesitated to show us as many properties as we had to view before settling for the one of our choice. And throughout the purchase he is there to guide or help us out. Thanks a ton Muditji! ??

By: Deepak Khanna, Bradford

Elixir Real Estate is team of dedicated professionals. Mudit Mehta is very knowledgeable and a wonderful help when it comes to my real estate needs. Also I would like to recognize Anupam Agarwal for giving us excellent service leasing my property. He is very professional, respectful, dedicated and smart Agent. Looking forward for giving my future business and I would highly recommend their services to my friends and family.

By: Ankita Agrawal, Whiby

We recently bought our first house in Canada with the help of Mudit Ji. Needless to say we felt thoroughly relaxed and satisfied with the immense knowledge that he has in the Canadian real estate and the utmost integrity with which he works. He has always been transparent and his thorough research of every property really helped us to make a right decision. He works with absolute honesty unlike many in this industry and his knowledge not only is confined to real estate but he guided us in many process of settling in our new house and his advice really aided to sail through. I don’t think there can be any better person to have a seamless experience of buying a house then him and one can trust him without any second thought. Thanks Mudit Ji for guiding us and being like a family to us in this country. Thanks a lot Anuj & Ankita

By: Amardeep Tiwana, Vaughan

We, the first time home buyers, recently bought a property through Mr. Mudit. It was an absolute pleasure working with him. He is a thorough professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. In the process of buying he was very patient and never rushed us to finalize a house. Before every showing, he would come prepared with thorough research and would not only provide his valuable insights about the condition of the property but also would advise the right valuation of the property. I would highly recommend him to others.

By: Diwakar Kumar, Whitby

I don’t review often, but the very reason I am here writing this review speaks for the kind of service I received from Anupam Agarwal. As a first time home buyer, we needed guidance and support from someone whom we can trust. We started from scratch, and followed each home buying step diligently. Anupam guided us in each step for example region, budget, financial fitment, mortgage approval, and all other processes of home buying. He was there guiding and supporting us in each process. We started this journey in May this year and looked more than 50+ properties in Durham region. He was transparent and very patient throughout this journey. As a first timer, sometime you aren’t aware about the right questions to ask, but he proactively explained pros and cons of all shown properties and we used to discuss about this in length. Anupam is a passionate realtor who follows data for a thorough analysis and research. He is calm and never pushes you for anything. We were truly blessed to find him as a companion in our home buying journey. We finally found our dream home in June this year. It wasn’t possible without Anupam’s support. Special Thanks to Elixir real estate Inc, for providing help in all steps of home buying process like mortgage fitment, mortgage approval. Good luck to you guys! Thank you Anupam. You are one of the best realtor in this business.

By: Bhavik Patel

I have been working with Mudit since last 4 months. We were trying to purchase our first home and he explained everything in-detail. He is very calm, positive and customer obsessed person. It was pleasant experience working with him. Definitely recommend him and happy to work with him again in future.

By: Andy Bayliss, Hamilton

Sumit Nagpal was amazing to work with, my wife and I cannot recommend him highly enough. We couldn't be happier with our experience. Very professional and exceptionally hard working from start to finish.

By: Manish Sain, Pickering

I am not too good in writing but i want to share some of the facts I obsereved when Anupam Agarwal helped me to get my First home and about Elixir Real Estate Anupam is well experienced and sincere man who listens to the customer's need and do through analysis around it in market. He helps customer to visualize true potential and guide toward best utilization of itq. He believes in building long term relationship & Trust rather just selling a product or service. He helped me to find a home suitable for my need and helped me to identify values, rather than just fancy stuff. I also found Elixir Real Estate as a one stop solution for all of my need like house search, mortgage fitment, mortgage approvals, lawyers till to the final stages. Sincerely Manish Sain

By: Tanish Mathur, Toronto

Wow, what a journey! Buying your first house in a new country is indeed a journey & we loved it with our friend & realtor - Anupam. Buying a house comes with a lot of considerations - Identifying a suitable property which fits all your parameters and your pocket.... Connectivity, commute time, schools, neighbourhood, demographics, and budget are some of the key factors before you zero in to your chosen one. However smart and learned you are, you need some guidance to validate your assumptions and your realtor plays a key role in that space. We were very lucky & fortunate that Anupam not only guided us with all the above factors but he was the key driving & motivating force to pursue this opportunity. Anupam provided us a clear sight what we can afford, stretch what we can manage and supplemented us with all other relevant information in line with the real estate market - in downtown Toronto & GTA area. Anupam's objective was not to close the deal but overall approach was empathetic where he personally sees whether property is suitable or not & he has taken couple of calls accordingly. Once you are good with the property Anupam ropes in his intelligence & balanced view on the offer process. What should be the offer price which puts you in a good & winning spot? This is very critical in the overall process as once the offer is made & accepted; it’s binding on both the parties. You never want to regret your offer price whether it’s too high or too less…. right… comes your realtor wisdom and for us we cracked the deal with minimum offers. In the background you have to manage your initial down payment, mortgage pre-qualification, legal work and you need connects for that……reliable connects mind you. Anupam provides holistic e2e service connecting all the dots in the entire process from mortgage guidance, EMI affordability, mortgage providers, legal guidance, closing process, lawyer etc. Overall, one stop shop – Anupam Agarwal. So if I have to summarize the long story short – Anupam is the reason behind our own house in Toronto & we love it !!!

By: Suresh Edasseri, Mississauga

We found Mudit to be not just a thorough professional but a true well-wisher in our home-buying journey. He is not just a real estate agent, he is more like your advisor- calm, knowledgeable, honest, understanding, polite, and very patient throughout the homebuying journey no matter how long it takes. We were really impressed by how he quickly grasped what kind of house we would like and started shortlisting properties accordingly. The best part is he will never push you to buy a property or be in a hurry to close a deal. Mudit made our home-buying experience very pleasant and memorable. We highly recommend Mudit's real estate services and would definitely approach him again for future services. Indu & Suresh

By: Bhaumik Dave, Hamilton

I was introduced to Mr. Mudit Mehta through my wife’s family and friends. We were very much impressed by his thorough knowledge and breadth of his experience working for various clients (first-time buyers to seasoned investors). More impressive was his attitude and nature as he always gave all his time and efforts to walk us through all possible scenarios when we were shopping for our second home. He helped us sell our condo and move to a bigger home. I like that he explained everything rationally to elderly folks as well as to me and my wife. Prepping the home for sale was easy through his support and so was buying a new property. He delivered the relevant information both when selling and buying well in advance and came prepared with necessary documents. He kept me well informed about the next steps for that peace of mind! Very honest and professional, never in a hurry, and meticulous with planning. Highly recommend his services to anyone interested in buying or selling their property. Thank you once again Mudit Ji for all your help.

By: Anirudh Sanjeev, Brampton

Working with Mudit was an absolute pleasure, he helped us find a home, and we got the very first home we saw. Here are some specific things we appreciated: * Taking the time to explain the foundations of the process of buying a home, types of homes, and various pros and cons of different choices. * Explaining different areas in GTA, and showing how price and other factors vary. * Clearly understanding our requirements and only choosing the very best options. * Quick and timely communication. * Providing expert input and educating on good and potentially concerning factors of each property

By: Pavan Bhat, Burlington

We had a very good experience buying our property with Mudit Bhai. He is very professional and kept us up to date on every aspect of the home buying process. There were some points that even we missed while reviewing fee things which he bought to our attention and made sure they were addressed by the seller. Hope to work with him again in the future when we go house hunting again after a few years down the line! Keep up the good work Mudit Bhai.!!

By: Balaji R, Brampton

We decided to sell our house and got connected with Mudit Mehta. He is an extremely knowledgeable professional, an excellent trustworthy realtor. Going through the process of selling my first and only home and working overseas (not being in the country), we were not sure what to expect and how this all would work. But Mudit walked us through the process every step of the way and was always available. He is extremely responsive to all our questions and helped us feel well informed throughout the selling process. He showcased our home in an excellent way to get as many viewings as possible. He was successful in getting us our discussed price and did not pressure us to sell quickly. He is an absolutely honest and amazing person to work with. He is a very committed agent who wishes nothing but the best for his clients. I would highly recommend Mudit to anyone looking to buy a property without a doubt. He is honest, realistic, and straight to the point, which is hard to find in a realtor these days. A very down-to-earth type of person. We can’t thank you enough for helping us!

By: Haresh, Brampton

Mudit is a very professional and cooperative person. We were first-time buyers, therefore had a lot of questions and impatience. He is a great listener and answers with a great depth of knowledge in home buying. He was transparent and flexible to work with. We were very eager and wanted to bid an unreasonable price but he stopped us graciously and helped in getting the reasonable home value. He has high integrity, which benefited us.

By: Anju Yadav, Brampton

7 months ago Knowledgeable, Reliable, and a thorough Professional. These are the three words that come to our mind when we think of Mudit. He is our first go-to person for any real estate questions/needs. Recently - We just rented our first house via Elixir and must say we did not think twice about doing it through Mudit. Mudit provided us with all the relevant information about the Rental Market and handled the entire process(showings, documentation, clients background checks) diligently which made our experience of renting our first property smooth, hassle-free and quick. Thank you Mudit! No one can ever be wrong by trusting you with their real estate dealings!!

By: Chandrakant Shetty, Milton

Mudit is a wonderful, caring, and highly professional agent to work with! He is the subject matter expert when it comes to real estate. The wealth of knowledge that we acquired from Mudit is priceless! He gave us the time and attention to help clarify all our doubts. Even in this volatile market, his honest and objective reviews and thorough due diligence, helped us to find our first home. We thoroughly enjoyed our home buying experience and looking forward to many more! We highly recommend him. We wish nothing but the best to Mudit and his brokerage, Elixir!

By: Yogesh Kamboj, Brampton

When u are looking for something special in your life, you should work with specials. Mudit is this special person who makes this happen for us while making our home buying and selling special, outstanding, and convenient for us.

By: Anshul Kaliravna, Toronto

His professionalism and passion for real estate are showcased very well. He pays full attention to details making sure his client is made aware of all possible factors. I had a great time looking for a home with him.

By: Rekha Babbar, Toronto

We bought a house through Mudit. We found him extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a trustworthy realtor. He understood our requirements and showed us great options. He answered all our calls promptly. While showing properties, he gave us his opinions about the pros and cons of each house. He was really helpful and was extremely responsive to all our questions throughout the entire process. We highly recommend Mr. Mudit for his services to anyone who wants to buy and sell a house. Thank you Muditji for the wonderful job and it is very much appreciated.

By: Vinsfy j, Brampton

We will definitely recommend Mudit as an agent to buy your next home from. He is very professional, maintains clear communication throughout the process, and has a thorough knowledge of the housing market. Being a first-time home buyer everything was new for us, but he made sure we understand all the aspects and provides the right advice to make an informed decision. Many thanks to you for the efforts and analysis that you put in to get us the perfect home in our budget. Thanks and best wishes.

By: Utkarsh S, Whitby

We were lucky to discover Mudit and his expertise when I started looking for our first home. He pilots himself and Elixir with passion and makes sure you get the best out of your money. It did not take much to understand we were in right hands with his precise listings and relentless commitment to making sure we were valued, inconsequential of how many times we reached out for the smallest of untimely worries. We highly recommend Mudit and Elixir for your next Real Estate endeavor!

By: Dr. Rajender Mantra, Caledon

I have a wonderful experience working with Mudit. He is knowledgeable in respect of real estate. His deals and approach for selling and buying are very accurate and he suggests which is best for you (client). I am very impressed. In my personal case, I dealt with him for buying and selling real estate, and he proved his outstanding professionalism and caliber. Good Luck, Mudit, appreciated your work.

By: Jayan Chhaya, Brampton

A PASSIONATE REALTOR with the sole purpose to provide the BEST customer experience. An EXPERT with a strong DATA-DRIVEN approach. A calm and composed individual with the highest degree of professionalism, providing detailed real estate market analysis. We are extremely pleased and highly impressed by Mr. Mudit Mehta’s work ethic, market understanding which helped us take a pragmatic decisions for our FIRST HOME. Without any second thought, we would like to work again with Mr. Mehta and HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to all. Also, would like to wish him and ELIXIR REAL ESTATE, Inc all the very best. Thank you, Mr. Mehta, you are one of the best in this business. Destined to reach new heights.

By: Sunny Thakral, Toronto

I worked with Mudit to secure my current condo. He is very professional as he makes sure he understands his client's requirements match with the current listings available in the market. Overall I had a great experience working with Mudit.

By: Bhavish and Megha, Mississauga

As a First time home buyer the whole experience can be overwhelming, thankfully we found Mudit at a right time and our experience has been absolute amazing. Mudit explained us the pros and cons of each house that we were interested in, we were never under pressure to finalize the same . Mudit is a thorough professional and he was always prepared about each property we were visiting .We would strongly recommend him to anyone.

By: Neha and Pulkit, Oakville

Mr.Mudit has been a great help since the time we came to Canada. We had been lucky to get in touch with this honest and professional gentleman who like a family member helped us with our search for a new home to rent and to buy. With him by our side we were confident to go ahead with the deals which otherwise would have been a confusing and a stressful process. We would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy/rent/sell to go ahead without a doubt and trust his experience and thorough knowledge of real estate to help you find the right deal.

By: Jain Family, Brampton

As a first time home buyer, we knew very little about the home buying process. At the same time we wanted someone whom we can trust. Mudit helped us through the entire process. He was very knowledgeable about the profession, local market, and the neighborhood. He was focused and shown great patience with all our questions, even the silliest ones. We are happy with how everything worked out. Thank You!!!

By: Girish Kammar, Toronto

Thank you very much Mudit for helping us with my first home in Toronto. You made it very easy and enjoyable by being very professional and helpful. I appreciate your efforts and thank you once again for being a good friend and our realtor.

By: Anuja and Shobhit, Oshawa

Mudit is a great Realtor. He helped me buy a second home within my budget in the target geographical area meeting my investment objectives. With his high working ethics and dedication, he managed to get the investment property quickly, and then also managed to get it on lease within just a couple of days of closing. It was a great experience working with Mudit. I will highly recommend Mudit for all of your property requirements.

By: Rahul and Manisha Patel, Brampton

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding service provided by you. You helped us to buy our first home with keep in mind our requirements. Being a first-time buyer we were completely unknown, with your experience and expertise made possible to get the house which we were looking for. Your website and blogs are amazing; it consists perfect guideline for buyer and seller. I would love to recommend you to anyone who wants to buy or sell a house in the future. Keep up the good work. Thank you again for all your help.

By: Amir Pour, Vaughan

Mudit is very patient and knowledgeable. it is been a good experience working with him to lease a industrial unit.

By: Sekar and Priya, Brampton

Thank you for helping us find the perfect home! You have been amazing with your knowledge and expertise in this area. Your patience to answer 1000s of questions we had asked is an exemplary trait of you. You had also taken care of every aspect not part of your work this is something amazing not everyone would be interested to do. The passion you have for your work is highly contagious and gives 200% confidence we are in the right hands. You did not force the decision and allowed us to decide by making our research with only the right and genuine interest of we getting the right home for us. From the time we started till the finish every aspect is very professionally planned without hesitation. Thanks is a very small word we will be referring you to all of our friends to get a similar world-class experience we had.

By: Dhwani and Nirmal Purohit, Brampton

Mudit Mehta was our realtor in buying our new home in the Greater Toronto region. Since then, I have been recommending him to my friends who are embarking on their home search. Mudit came forth as a trusted partner, who used his knowledge, experience, and hard work to find us a suitable home. Not just himself, his references in the entire housing ecosystem, be it the lawyer, the mover and even the duct-cleaner, turned out to be of good quality at an economical price. Mudit has not helped us just find a new home, but he has been instrumental in helping us settle in as well!

By: Gayathri Srigiriraju, Brampton

Mudit has been very professional and friendly. He understood our requirements very well. He was very patient and did not rush us into making our decision. We would highly recommend him.

By: Patel Family, Brampton

Review After almost a year buying a property with help of Muditji (THE BEST) I am writing this review after almost a year as I am glad we choose MUDITJI to guide us to choose our first home. We are really happy and pleased with his help. Muditji must deserve the best for his high-quality service and a solid dedication toward his work. As first time home buyers, we were completely new to this process but muditji ensured we understand everything before taking a big decision of buying our home. He was really helpful and extremely responsive throughout the entire process. He was available in off hours as well over the phone, text and email. Awesome experience dealing with him. Very professional, well knowledge, friendly, efficient, responsive. Not only that he did guide us to select best property that fits our criteria as well as in our budget. We do had an issue with getting mortgage approval but Muditji went beyond and above to find a best available mortgage through B Lender. He is honest and truly professional and he will do his best to help you in any situation, leaving you satisfied and well pleased. We did some renovation in property before moving in and as always Muditji help us to find a perfect contractor in reno as well. Muditji …Thank you so much for making it happen.….We soon coming back for second property.

By: Neeraj and Jyotsana Sharma, Brampton

We had an outstanding experience as a First Time Home Buyer. Mudit made me and my family comfortable throughout the entire buying process with his efficiency and understanding of the market. Mudit explained pros and cons of each house that we were interested in. Thanks for the great service, we couldn’t ask for more! We started with Mudit as Real Estate Agent but now he is our family friend, this describes everything about him and his knowledge of real estate. I would highly recommend Mudit Mehta to anyone, especially if this is your first experience purchasing a home.

By: Snehal and Radhika, Brampton

We decided to sell our house and got connected with Mudit Mehta. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional. He showcased our home in an excellent way to get as many viewings as possible. He was successful in getting us our discussed price and did not pressure as to sell quickly. He is an absolutely honest and amazing person to work with. He is a very committed agent who wishes nothing but best for his clients. We will be pleased to work with him in future. We absolutely recommend him.

By: Shan and Family, Brampton

We were searching for a second house, and we are so glad that we chose Mudit to help us out. Mudit is a very patient, professional, and knowledgeable realtor. He helped us close the right deal which met our expectations. The next step was finding a tenant, and Mudit showed every potential tenant the house and we finally found the right tenant. We would definitely recommend Mudit without any hesitation. We thank him for helping us with the best of his ability. Thanks Mudit, you are awesome!

By: Virdi Family, Brampton

When we decided to sell our current house and upgrade to a bigger one, it was very important for us to find a realtor with knowledge and expertise and who would keep our best interest at the forefront. That is when we came across Mr. Mudit Mehta, who won our confidence with his knowledge and honesty. We found Mudit to be very professional, extremely dedicated and he kept us informed throughout the process. Not only was he successful in finding us house that exceeded our expectation but also was able to sell our house and helped make this event relatively stress free. We would not hesitate to use his services again and highly recommend Mudit and his vast knowledge for all your real estate needs.

By: Thayaparan Family, Oakville

It is with great pleasure I mention Mudit Mehta who helped my eldest daughter, who is very selective, to purchase her first stacked townhouse. Mehta enabled our daughter to make important decisions on her own, by guiding and educating her, since we, the parents, wanted our eldest daughter to make decisions on her own. Mudit helped to complete entire transaction in four days!! On the day Mudit brought the keys to the new home, my wife and I mentioned that the relationship will not be confined to one but more future transactions!!!

By: Nitin Sharma, Brampton

I’ve had multiple dealing with Mr Mehta who I consider to be a true gentleman. One of Mudit’s biggest traits is his effective use of technology which is so crucial in the dynamic business of Real Estate. He meticulously planed and then flawlessly executed the deals for me. I absolutely refer Mudit with 5 star.

By: Prashanth Raghunath, Brampton

This testimonial will probably fall way short in expressing my experience in working with Mudit. It is an absolute rarity to come across a person with such knowledge and meticulous planning as I have seen in Mudit. We were first time home buyers who started looking for town-homes with almost no hope considering the prices in the market. Mudit made everything so easy that within three weeks we had purchased our home well within the budget we had thought. At no point was there any rush/push to pick any property. Mudit took time to explain the plus and minus in total detail for each property we viewed. In the short time that we have known Mudit he has become closer than family guiding us through the entire process. The personal interest that Mudit takes in getting you what you require to pinpoint perfection stands out as a defining factor in his approach. I will say once anyone goes through Mudit I doubt they will think of going to another realtor again. His background work in sending clients comparable of similar properties so we have an exact idea of what we are looking at without sugar coating is the icing on the cake. When we purchased our house, It was spot on the price that we were advised that the property would close on. We feel truly blessed having found Mudit and anyone looking for a reference I am available to vouch for Mudit anytime. Cheers Mudit. This industry needs people like you.

By: Jaldeep Pandya, New Market

Most honest, transparent agent and one with a keen eye pointing out the best opportunity for you. If you are looking for a person who truly epitomizes customer first it is Mudit.

By: Mary Annan, Brampton

Finding a place to live is always an exciting yet stressful time. What a joy working with Mudit! His thoroughness, kindness, and knowledge landed us the home of our dreams with a lot less stress than we originally thought. Thank you, Mudit, for your patience and hard work

By: Ponnappa Chindulira, Brampton

We have to say that we made the right decision of choosing Mudit Mehta as our realtor, for buying our first home. As our Realtor, he helped us find the right house in the right neighbourhood for the right price. And being a first time buyer with little knowledge, Mudit was patient as we visited lots of homes over several months. He always cautioned us and would give his honest opinion, whenever we fell too quickly for a house. This clearly showed how committed he is towards his clients and his job rather than just closing a deal. He was always prepared about each property we were visiting and gave us his opinions about the pros and cons of each house. He was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs. We cant thank him enough and would strongly recommend him to anyone.

By: Komal and Jatesh Kamboj, Brampton

Thank you very much for your hard work & efforts that you put in the purchase of our first home in Canada. In this high priced market you continuously searched for a good house for us and ultimately find our dream house which fits in our budget. We think that your professionalism, great commitment & problem-solving skills were the key factors to make it happen. From first showing till closing & even after that you always guide us & help us with your expertise and made buying of our house easier than we could have imagined. Thanks again for your honest advice that helped us in every step to buying our house.

By: Sukhvinder and Jaspal Hundal, Caledon

This was our first time buying and selling with Mudit Mehta and we are more than satisfied with the results. We had been searching for a house for a couple months with a different realtor and after many failed attempts, we came across Mudit and he was absolutely amazing. He is a knowledgeable and very professional individual who managed to find us our dream house within a week which was also budget friendly. We sold our house within 4 days of being on the market. The whole process was very smooth and stress-free. We would recommend Mudit without any doubt, he is a very honest and reliable individual and I guarantee you will not doubt your decision. Thank you very much Mudit, you have been wonderful.

By: Dominic Gowe, Brampton

Choosing Mudit as our real estate agent was probably one of the best decisions we made when buying our first home in Canada. His passion for real estate is unbounded, it is clearly visible in his work and also in his numerous blogs / educational pieces that he has published. He is also actively working to get you the best deal and the biggest bang for your buck and have always found his advice to be unbiased in the best interests of us. The entire experience with Mudit was pleasant, fruitful and educative as we were introduced into the market with our first home purchase.

By: Sumeet Bhalla, Mississauga

Mudit is an excellent realtor, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. He is extremely responsive to all of our questions and helped us feel well informed throughout the buying process. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a truly professional Realtor.

By: Prabha and Gaurav, Oakville

I worked with many agents before for both my current home and future real estate plans. Mudit stands out for many reasons. First, he is very customer focus and always keeps client’s interest over his own interest. Mudit has the skill to distinguish between what a client wants Vs what a client needs. He is data driven and never fuels emotions or anxiety during the process. He possesses great listening skills and explains all the doubts eloquently and with patience. Overall, Mudit is pleasant, comfortable to work with and stays professional on his commitments. I wish him all the best for the future

By: Pratik Salgia, Toronto

We are a first time home buyer and Mudit ji saved us from making so many mistakes. If it would have been someone else, the realtor would have probably allowed us to close the deal whereas Mudit ji worked in our best interest and ensured we buy the right home. The way he gave us an orientation of the market and then worked with us throughout the process is commendable. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. With his thorough research and management skills he always comes out to be better than others and makes your case stronger. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Thank you again for all your help and magnificent service!

By: Subrat Das, Whitby

After working with multiple realtor agents we met Mudit through a common friend. True to his preceding reputation we found Mudit to be extremely knowledgeable of all the aspects of real estate business. His calm approach to any kind of situation is exemplary. Our cry for help was always answered and he was there at each step advising us with pros and cons of each house that we had just visited. We found Mudit to be a complete professional with gentlemen manners and a good friend. Sometimes the whole process to choose between houses is quite overwhelming but his neutral and objective approach while thinking about our benefit helped us to choose our first home in Canada. We had a smooth experience working with Mudit and recommend him highly.

By: Mehla Family, Milton

We met with Mudit Mehta through a friend, in search of our first Home in Canada, and to us, Mudit turned out as an excellent realtor, a true professional that anyone can think of. In the very first meeting, He immediately understood what we were looking for and responded to all our questions that we had as first-time homebuyers. It was evident from the beginning that he was always acting in our best interest. He made the experience of buying a home much easier than it could be. Mudit is very knowledgeable about the market of GTA. We had countless viewing in Oakville/Brampton/Mississauga and Milton. During viewings, Mudit always had a good eye for details and pointed out things that we would have missed. He was patient, kind and honest, which we really admired. He was so quick and eager to respond to our questions and set up appointments for us. We always found him focused on so much on details, he quickly analyze the property i.e. neighborhood, society, income group, age, schools market etc, We never felt rushed and rather he encouraged us to slow down. Mudit gave us good advice throughout the process. He was highly confident that he would find us the right home that we would love and raise our kids. And, he did! We are thrilled with our home and our neighborhood. We are so grateful to Mudit for making it happen. Furthermore, He is an honest man, friendly, fun, and kind! We would highly recommend using Mudit’s services to buy or sell a home.

By: Dr Nadeem Bukhari, Toronto

Having referred to Mudit was no less than a ‘blessing‘, an ‘intercession’, as I would quote. One and first phone call to Mudit was very appeasing and contenting. Two or three more phone calls and about the same emails, and the job was done. Within two weeks or less I think, our condo was sold. All things done very methodically, well organized, complete to perfection. All questions answered. Mudit is truly professional. The way he orchestrates his work is a true reflection of what he claims .” I love my work”…” Its my passion”.

By: Sathish Kumar, Mississauga

Mudit is the go-to person if you are a home seeker in Canada. Especially for me being a first-time home buyer, Mudit was very meticulous and detailed in explaining every basic entity related to properties. His technical background adds a great value in market and neighborhood analysis and narrowing down the property of choice meeting all your preferences. My journey with Mudit was like going for a home search with my well-wisher rather than a realtor. His patience and attention to detail makes him the realtor of everyone’s choice. If you are a first-time home buyer, you will end up with numerous basic questions to settle in, and Mudit never hesitates to respond to all your questions. He also helped me in finding good service providers for various amenities required post buying the home. If you are thinking of buying a home or selling one, there is no better person than him. It’s Mudit !!!

By: Abhilash Patel, Caledon

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job that you did with the purchase of my new home & the sale of my old one. You have put in so much efforts & at times went out of your way to make things perfect. Thank you again for providing me with so much information which has resulted in making all the right decisions. You are the best realtor that I have known so far!

By: Abdul Wahid, Whitby

I was introduced to Mudit through a friend who previously purchased a property through him. I was highly impressed by Mudit’s professionalism and friendliness as well as his commitment throughout our house-hunting process. As a first time home buyer, we were not sure what to expect and how this all works, but Mudit walked us through the process every step of the way and was always available. He always replied back quickly to emails, text messages and phone calls. He made us feel very comfortable with any questions or concerns that we had regarding the house-hunting process. He is very dedicated and shared a lot of knowledge with us while house hunting. We really enjoyed going out for our search with Mudit. It was like listening to a story-telling session and you come back learning something new from him. I would highly recommend Mudit to anyone looking to buy a property without a doubt. He is honest, realistic and straight to the point, which is hard to find in a realtor these days. A very down to earth type of person. We can’t thank you enough for helping us with this!

By: Hardi Dave, Toronto

Mudit is very honest, professional, and an excellent negotiation planner. Thank you for helping us purchase our first home!

By: Amol Mahadik, Brampton

Mudit is not just a realtor, he is now part of family. ? I was looking for a home in March 2019. Being a banker, I had access to plenty of realtors but I wanted to be with a realtor who really understood my requirements and guided me rather than pressurise me to buy. One of my friends recommended Mudit as he had a great experience with him looking for his home. So I decided to take the plunge and called up Mudit. We decided to meet, but even before meeting, Mudit asked me to check his blog which guided on the four main factors to consider while buying a new home. I was really impressed reading his article and immediately knew that I had made the right decision. Since the meeting, Mudit shortlisted and showed us numerous properties exactly as per our specifications and mentioned the positives and more so, the nuances of every property which we missed, being new home buyers. Never did he ask us once to finalize and always left the decision to us. This helped us make an informed decision. Once we finalized, he also helped and was completely involved in the negotiations and also in the entire closing process. Never did he try to avoid us even after the closing was done. He also guided us on the roofing, cleaning services, and other small things long after closing. As a result, today even after one year, we are really happy with our new home, thanks to Mudit. Like I mentioned earlier, Mudit is now family to us…

By: Varma Family, Vaughan

Mudit was an amazing Real Estate Agent. He was professional, knowledgeable and most of all he actually cared about us and our house buying needs. He was always readily available and easy to get into contact with. He made sure that we understood the home buying process and involved us in every step. He listened to our specific needs and only showed us properties that he knew were right for us and were within our budget. He made us feel confident and excited about home buying. Even after the purchase was completed, he still offered his assistance on any issues that came about. Mudit is an honest and a fantastic Real Estate Agent who got us a great deal on our house at the best possible price.

By: Vivek Kapoor, Oakville

Mudit Mehta is a realtor par excellence. His systematic approach, guidance at every step and the ability to pick the right property based on the customer’s requirement makes him the realtor to go to for your real estate needs. In my opinion, he is not a realtor who is looking at a one deal transaction and exit but he is a real estate advisor who can work with you to actually build a yield generating real estate portfolio for the long run. Above all he is a very honest person. Highly recommended.

By: Jaspreet Singh, Brampton

This was our first time as a home buyer and we couldn’t have found somebody better than Mudit to help us settle down for our new home. Mudit you are an excellent human being who has passion for his trade as a realtor. We wish you all the very best for all phases in life. Thank you for all the support.?

By: Neha Nandra, Oakville

Mr.Mudit has been a great help since the time we came to Canada. We had been lucky to get in touch with this honest and professional gentleman who like a family member helped us with our search for a new home to rent and to buy. With him by our side we were confident to go ahead with the deals which otherwise would have been a confusing and a stressful process. We would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy/rent/sell to go ahead without a doubt and trust his experience and thorough knowledge of real estate to help you find the right deal.

By: Oswald Joseph, Toronto

Mudit is passionate about real estate and gives his best in the work he does. I really love the condo that I have bought and Mudit helped me find exactly what I needed. My experience with him was excellent and he strikes to me as one who is very professional, sincere and genuine. He values time and money, therefore I see that he works for the best interest of his client. In my situation, there were times he went out of the way to do extensive research and meticulous analysis on certain things even though he could have just taken an easier path. This to me makes Mudit outstanding in his job. Working with him was more than just business; he provided guidance and support from start to finish in all aspects of buying a property. He is very knowledgeable in this business and I feel in addition he also has a sixth sense about real estate ?.

By: Shayam Jeyaratnam, Markham

I was introduced to Mudit through my wife’s family who were past clients. From the moment we met Mudit in his home office, I was extremely impressed by his knowledge of the real estate market and professionalism. He listened attentively to our expectations and constraints and patiently addressed our many questions. He even offered links to several articles and blog posts on his personal website which were extremely helpful in preparing us for one of the most important decisions in our lives. Though our target area (Markham Village) was quite a distance from Mudit’s office/home, he never once showed up late for an appointment and even stayed back when requested to answer questions and discuss negotiation tactics. Even while on vacation, Mudit prepared our offer documents and stayed up late to keep us informed of the seller’s decision. This demonstrates his passion for his work and commitment to serving his clients. Though it was disappointing at the time to miss out on two properties, Mudit offered tremendous encouragement and gave us the strength to get back up on our feet in search of our dream home. He believes all things happen for a reason and good things happen to good people and it is this positive mindset that led us to our dream home on our third attempt. Thank you Mudit for making this dream a reality! I am happy to call you a friend and thank you for your endless hard work and commitment. You are the epitome of a five-star real estate agent! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to future partnerships.

By: Murali Nair, Hamilton

Earlier this year we made a decision to sell our first property and buy a newer property, we are just settling into the new place and I do not know a better way to thank him for all his help… so here it is 5 stars! Professionalism – 5 (Great Listener, Smart Negotiator, Honest if doesn’t know – will research and helped us in selling/buying, Approachable) Responsiveness – 5 (Anything he required to do, he’s on it right away) His overall knowledge – (when to sell, what to reno, open houses (feedback from neighbours) – 5 Network – 5 ( He would always know whom to call, offer me 3-5 options and pick the best, best of all – if any issues, he would be involved) Customer Oriented – 5 (Doesn’t think transactional) Recommend him even if you have not made a decision, he certainly can be consulted and you won’t regret!

By: Manoj Kumar, Caledon

I really like to thank Mudit and his team for their amazing service. Very professional and experienced team.

By: Narayan Tayal, Mississauga

I really like to thank Mudit and his team for their amazing service. Very professional and experienced team.

By: Raj Adhi, Brampton

Mudit is very professional & honest with work, he has passion about homes, which helped us in selling our home in down market with the best price in short time. Thank you Mudit ??I highly recommend him for your future home Buy/Sell.

By: Vishlashak Kapoor, Brampton

# 1 Real Estate Team in GTA. Qualified, honest and professional real estate team. Always get Bang on the Buck price properties. Highly recommended!