I had never planned to be a real estate salesperson, until the day when I bought myself a house a few years ago. The whole home buying experience turned out to be quite contrary to my and my family's expectation. Today, when I look back, as a first time home buyer back then, I wish I was made aware of the nitty-gritty of the home buying process, I wish my real estate agent then was transparent and diligent, I wish my agent was not solely commission driven and that's when I decided that what I faced back then no one else should have to go through the same experience ever again. That marked the turning point in my thought process. I felt it more of moral responsibility to do my bit in whatever way I could, combined with my growing fascination for real estate marked the beginning of my journey in this profession, and the rest as they say is history.

My sole objective is:
1. Ensure a smooth, honest, and transparent buying process for first-time home buyers thereby helping them get the desired house at the right price.
2. For seasoned buyers, taking them through step by step buying/ selling process without any sort of compulsion or pressure.

I am happy to be working with such a distinguished team of professionals at Elixir.

Email: anupam@ElixirRealEstate.ca
Dir: 647-833-4929