What is importance of Appointments when we list?

By: Elixir Real Estate Inc

What is importance of Appointments when we list?

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What is the process of listing a property on the MLS system and the value of the appointment requests received from prospective buyers and their brokers?

When you list a property on a Multiple Listing Service, you intend to smoothly sell the property at the reasonable price the property deserves in the relevant market. And also in a timely fashion with a reasonable day on the market. 

The properties mostly get transacted by sincere buyers working with their brokers, where the brokers reserve the appointment based on their client's schedules and pay a visit review the property in-person.

What is our Listing Goal?
In my listing experience, I have seen that when we list a property and do an excellent job in its presentation, marketing material, and promotional campaigns in the target buyer areas by virtue of social media and direct mail campaigns. And after creating all this presentation and buzz, we look forward to the credible buyer getting attracted to the property and scheduling a visit with their broker. 
The end state of the preparation and polishing of the property to make it market-ready was to get the right buyer in the door for the property. When the showing requests are received as a Seller, we should try to ensure that we honour the showing requests as much as possible and leave the home in the same presentable state as shot in the promotional photos/videos.

Presenting well and waiting for the Right Buyer
Based on my listing experience, I can share some insights to bring the point home. For example, for one of the properties our team listed, there were 39 showings in 3 weeks, and only one buyer agent had come up with an offer for their clients, and the property was sold to them. 

The idea here is that every family or buyer prospect has their own conception of what they are seeking in a home, so we do not know whether the first buyer who comes to visit the property would like the property or the 35th buyer who comes to visit the property will appreciate and get motivated to get to the offer stage.

This is why we, as Seller, should ensure that we honour all appointment requests in our schedule. For example, we did a listing where we had 19 showings in 9 days, and the last two buyers who saw the property were the ones who liked the home and came up with their offers. 

There was another listing where the very first buyer broker visit which happened in the property. They were the ones who finally came up with a reasonable offer in the 2nd week on the market, even though we had 12-14 showings in this property during this time. Still, eventually, the very first prospect visited the property and came with an offer.

There is a famous saying that 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', nothing can be more correct, and it applies in the case of properties as well. The perception of whether a property works for a buyer is very subjective, a family might not like a home, and there could be another family who would love that same property. And for this reason, we should make it a point as a Seller to honour all appointments as we don't know whether this could be the buyer prospect who has a fitment for their needs being met in our property. 

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