Signs of a Great Listing in Real Estate!

By: Elixir Real Estate Inc

Signs of a Great Listing in Real Estate!

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In Real Estate Listings on an organized Multiple Listing Service platform, I will point out here a few things which will ensure your listings stand out as a Seller,

Highest Quality Marketing Material - The photos taken, videos and drone footage captured for the property should be of the highest quality by professional photographers. The right images with the correct frame composition and shot with appropriate lighting and exposure go a long way to attracting the right buyers to your property. However, I often see photos taken by smartphones and with bad exposures being put on the listings, and I wonder how we can expect the listings to get traction. This becomes even more important in a saturated market, like how we are having right in Greater Toronto Area; we are almost at the end of 2022. 

Elaborate Property Descriptions – Property descriptions should be as elaborate as possible and accentuate your property's strong features. The things you have enjoyed living in the property and the prospective buyer could see value in them. It could be ease of commute, proximity to schools, parks or trails, clear view at the back, wide lot in the front, high ceiling inviting foyer at the entrance, big windows in the bedrooms, spacious ensuite in the bedrooms, high-quality bedrooms/basement etc. The list is endless. The description of any listing becomes the brand ambassador to attract prospective buyers to your property. 

Accurate Measurements of the Listing –As a seller, we should ensure the accurate measurement specifications for all living/bedroom areas in your property are present and available in the listing. It is essential for the prospective buyer to visualize well in advance what the property has to offer and whether it would meet their aspirations. The correctness in your listing specifications and presentation of your property will encourage them to ask their broker to prepare an offer for you. I have seen many times listings missing the measurement specifications, and it is really beyond me how without telling about the product we are selling, we can expect consumers to get excited about the same. 

If we think that the areas are small and let them come and check themselves, it won't work as they, either way, would reject if they are seeking more spacious units. In fact, we stand a chance of losing the prosect visits, as the listing doesn't garner enough confidence in them due to missing measurements. 

Supporting Documents of the Property – You, as a seller, should discuss with your broker and share with them any/all documents you have pertaining to the property. If you have a survey handy or the initial builder floor plan handy. Do share it with your broker; this should become part of your listing attachments. These help the prospective buyer understand the property well, get confidence in dealing with you, and always appreciate the additional information and transparency in all documentation. 

For example, we might be dealing with a newer basement we did 2 years ago as a second-unit dwelling. You can attach the permit and drawings for the second unit in the listing. The strong backing up of your listing with this documentation will help you as a Seller to get more traction in the market.  

Wish you all the very best! Reach out to our dedicated team at Elixir for any queries you have in Real Estate and we will do our best to help.

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