5 Cost-Effective Tips for preparing Your Home for Sale

By: Elixir Real Estate Inc

5 Cost-Effective Tips for preparing Your Home for Sale

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Updating your property before listing it on the Market helps you get the best value for your Real Estate. I often meet homeowners, and they are scared due to the enormous costs which might be involved in doing the same. Today we will discuss the most affordable suggestions to make your property look more appealing and saleable. 

Real Estate is, by and large, the biggest investment, and when it is the time to sell, you should ensure that basics are covered to make it shine. You don't sell a property daily, it is in our best interest to do the hard work upfront and give it the best shot. Let us discuss one by one the most affordable ways to increase a property's appeal,

1) Painting a Home - Getting a fresh coat of natural paint throughout the property goes a long way and is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the appeal of a property and make it fresh and neutral for the prospects. With the job of painting, it will also ensure that all areas and window corners are cleaned up. If there are any spots, mildew, mould development etc., it allows you to correct those issues as the painting team invariably touches all areas of the property. I should add that be sure to paint the ceilings as well, jet white painted ceilings help accentuate the new painting on the walls. If you leave the ceilings, it will not allow the paint job to stand out. Another tip is to stay moderate with your colour choices, as you want to make it universally appealing. Leave that particular shade of green or pink for your next move. Choose a neutral grey or beige colour to make it look contemporary and neutral for most people. 

2) Light Fixtures and Switches - You can buy good quality flushed ceiling light fixtures from Costco, Home Depot etc., in bulk and get them replaced across your property. If the property is relatively old, you should also replace the switches. This small and cost-effective change will add a ton of difference to making the house more bright, contemporary and welcoming to the prospect. Bright and warm light helps the property look more inviting to the prospects and will help make it a smooth sale.

3) Landscaping Front and Back Yards - Ensuring that your front and back yard lawn is properly mowed with some flower baskets and flower beds will help make the home more attractive. As the first impression makes a ton of difference, a buyer prospect coming into the property and looking at a well-maintained lawn adds to the property's curb appeal. It translates to reasonable offers and attraction from the prospects. 

4) Deep Cleaning and De-cluttering - Ensuring that the property is professionally cleaned all over and looks sharp is essential for a prospect. You would agree that no one would want to go ahead with an unkempt and not-so-clean home, as a buyer would always want to ensure and go with the best option available. Removing any extra furniture and gear in your basement, living rooms, and garage will help create space in the property. This will help the prospects to visualize the property well and will make it look more spacious and livable. Cleaning and de-cluttering is a very cost-effective way to ensure the buyers feel the property has been well maintained and well taken care of by the current owners and gives them confidence.

5) Front Door and Garage Door - When you are getting the painting done for the interiors, ensure a fresh coat of paint on the front and garage door if the weather is warm enough to allow that. From my experience, I have seen that just by doing this, the number of inquiries on the property increases as it gives a fresh look to the property and enhances curb appeal. This also helps elevate the cover photograph of the property, which is usually the front elevation photo. The cover photo helps to generate more buzz and awareness for the property.

We can see here that making these updates to the property need not be expensive, and they go a long way to increase the value proposition of our property in front of potential buyers. These are sure short budget-friendly ways to increase the value and will make sure you do well in your Home Selling Process. 

Wish you all the very best! Reach out to our dedicated team at Elixir for any queries you have in Real Estate and we will do our best to help.

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